Monday, 20 July 2015

Dissapearing coastal villages

Coastal erosion is in the UK a serious problem. For the residents of Skipsea, on the Holderness coast in the North East of England, coastal erosion is a fact of life. As the years pass the village has seen the sea claim more and more land and its future is far from certain.


      Some resources:

  • The BBC whith more about Skipsea and other lost villages >>>
  • Coastal erosion at the East Yorkshire coast  >>>>
  • A virtual fieldwork on coastal erosion made by The Georesources   >>>
  • A Geographical animation which shows the interaction between the sea and the coast  >>> 
  • Another Geo-animation about waves / beachdrift and currents  >>>
  • A compilation of aerial videos of Appleton on the Holderness Coast>>>

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