Sunday, 17 January 2016

What to do with La Petite Ceinture

The Petite Ceinture in Paris... part two 

Last Blog article I ended up with the question why there is so much left of this 200 years old railway. The facts are very difficult but it has a lot to the with the owner of the Railway.... Not the City of Paris.... not the arrondissements, not the SNCF (French railways) .. but the old 19th Century Paris railway company RFF .

Today most of the 30 km long railroad is abandoned and little known, preserved by indecision over its future. It is a retreat from the city, and a home for underground culture.

The line is officially off-limits to the public, but this hasn't stopped many people (often from the quarties around) the attempting to explore it. There is now a fierce debate in the French capital about what to do with the tracks and stations of the Petite Ceinture that still remain. A few small sections opened as a park in August 2013 (15th and 16th arrondissement) and the mayoral elections offer competing plans for cycle routes and parks. Associations set up to preserve the space would prefer to see the line reopened for pedestrian services.

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  1. This railway line is NOT "abandoned" !