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Credit Repair Secrets Congratulations! You will find this manual will help clean up your credit report quickly and easily! This very simple to use, easy to comprehend manual, reveals the same exact process used by all of the Credit Repair Companies out there. You will have the same information and get the same, if not better, results for FREE with this bonus! SECTION 1 End Nasty Collection Calls Forever Credit Bureaus and Collection Agencys profit immensely when consumers are uninformed and do not know their rights let alone how to take advantage of them. This section will show you the special technique you can use to rid yourself of nasty collection calls forever. Nothing is more bothersome then collection calls that harass you at work and home.

Your intention is to eventually pay the collection item off, getting harassed wont make it any quicker. If everyone knew the following information below, collection agencies would be out of work! It is a special law designed to stop unwanted collection telephone calls. Quoting form title 15 of the United States Code, section 1692 (c ): Ceasing Communication if a consumer notifies a debt collector in writing that the consumer refuses to pay a debt or the consumer wishes the debt collector cease further communications with the consumer, the debt collector shall not communicate further with the consumer with respect to such debt if such notice by the consumer is made by mail, notification shall be complete upon receipt. In order for you to use this law to your advantage and stop unwanted telephone calls, send a written letter to each of your creditors requesting they cease all further communication.

Make sure you send it by CERTIFIED MAIL WITH A RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED! You will get back a card with a signature (as a receipt) that the creditor received your notice. The following is a letter that I recommend you use. It has worked well for others. Keep in mind it is just an outline, you have to add your personal information. Sample : Your Name Address Account #: Certified Mail #: Return Receipt Requested To: (Name of Creditor) Pursuant to Title 15 USC, section 1692c, please cease all further communications with me concerning any debt owed.

This is your written notice. Please be aware that I hereby reserve the right to tape record any further telephone communications I may receive from you. Sincerely, Please note, after using this approach, collection efforts should be non-existent. If a creditor continues to collect a debt, contact your States Attorney General. Note: The debt collector can legally contact you only with the following exceptions: to advise you that they are terminating their collection efforts, or to notify you that they may or are taking legal action SECTION 2 The Credit Repair Process The credit repair process is a simple step by step process.

The process is presented below. These are the exact steps our company takes to repair a credit file. It walks you through each step you need to follow to repair your own credit file. To successfully repair your credit, you must accept two things. The first is that credit repair is a slow process, often taking a few months to complete. The second is that not all negative items can be successfully removed. If, after following all the steps given in this booklet, you cannot remove a negative item, accept that it will stay on your report for the time being. As other negative items fall off and you rebuild your credit with good accounts, the few that remain will be insignificant.

They may also fall off the next time you dispute them. The steps involved in repairing your credit are: Part I : Analysis Obtain a copy of your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies. I will show you how to obtain your reports in a future section. Analyze the information on each credit report. Make a list of all the negative entries you find and write down the cause of each of them. Part II : Repair Break up negative entries into individual situations. For each negative entry, perform the following steps: Write a letter to the credit reporting agency telling them the item is incorrect. Ask that the matter be investigated and corrected.

The credit reporting agency has 30 days to prove it accurate or it must be removed. This is how items generally get removed. If this step does not resolve the matter, then: Write a second letter to the credit reporting agency requesting that they re-verify the item and that for any items not corrected at this time, let them know that you want to be supplied with the contact information on the person at the creditors organization who verified this negative information about you. If this investigation does not resolve the matter, do the following: Write directly to the person at the creditors office that the credit reporting agency said they contacted.

Explain the situation to the employee and why you think this item is inaccurate and should be removed from your credit report. At this point, if the creditor does not agree to remove the item, it will probably stay on your credit report. The above three steps should be done for each negative item appearing on your credit report. If all three steps need to be followed, the process should take approximately 1-3 months. Below, are 2 letters you can use for your initial dispute: Letter 1: Your Name 123 Your Street Address Your City, ST 01234 The Credit Bureau Bureau Address Anytown, State 56789 Date Dear Credit Bureau, This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information.

I am very distressed that you have included the below information in my credit profile due to its damaging effects on my good credit standing. As you are no doubt aware, credit reporting laws ensure that bureaus report only accurate credit information. No doubt the inclusion of this inaccurate information is a mistake on either your or the reporting creditor's part. Because of the mistakes on my credit report, I have been wrongfully denied credit recently for a , which was highly embarrassing and has negatively impacted my lifestyle. The following information therefore needs to be verified and deleted from the report as soon as possible: CREDITOR AGENCY, acct.

123-34567-ABC Please delete the above information as quickly as possible. Sincerely, Y our signature Your Name SSN# 123-45-6789 Keep a copy for your files and send the letter registered mail Letter 2: To Whom it May Concern: Steve S. SSN XXX-XX-XXXX Address: 1 E. Any Street, Anytown, USA DOB: 1/1/00 I've just reviewed my credit report and have noticed there are several inaccurate items on my report: Chase VISA Acct: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx: This account is listed as being 30 days late.

I have never been late on this account. Sears Acct: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx: This account is listed as being 30 days late. I have never been late on this account. Universal Acct: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx: This account is listed as being 30 days late. I have never been late on this account. In addition, there are a number of credit accounts which have been inactive for more than 7 years. As you know, the FCRA states that all credit older than 7 years should be removed from my report. The following accounts should be removed: Diner's Club Acct: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx: GE Consumer Card Acct: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx: Macy's Acct: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx: I have enclosed a copy of my driver's license as proof of identity. Sincerely, Steve S. Part III : Damage Control To minimize the effects of any negative items remaining on your credit report after the credit repair process, do the following: Examine all the negative items left on each credit report and develop an explanation of up to 100 words on why these items appear on your credit report.

Send this explanation to the credit reporting agency. It will become part of your permanent credit record. Order your credit reports To order your credit reports, you must write a letter to one of the three credit reporting agencies listed below: EQUIFAX Post Office Box 740256 Atlanta, GA 30374 1-800-685-1111 TRANS-UNION Post Office Box 390 Springfield, PA 19064-0390 1-800-888-4213 1-800-916-8800 EXPERIAN Post Office Box 949 Allen, TX 75002-0949 1-800-392-1122 1-800-682-7654 To receive a free credit report you must have recently been denied credit (within the last 60 days). If you have not been denied credit you will have to pay them a fee.

Fees vary, so I suggest calling to find out before you write to them. I included sample letters for credit reports in the last section. The Numbers above for the credit reporting agencies were current as of this printing. Should the phone numbers change, call the national 800# directory at 1-800-555-1212. Once you receive your credit report from us, use the following information below to help you understand it. Bureau Score Information Your bureau score is nothing more than a way for lenders to grade your report. The rate you qualify for when you are looking to purchase an item is 75% bureau score driven.

This means that the higher your score the better rate and term you will receive. Here is an example of what score equals what grade: Score Grade Note 700-800 A to A++ Extremely good credit and would qualify for best rate and term. 675-699 B to B+ Good credit and would qualify for good rate and term. 630-674 C to C+ Average credit and would qualify for an average rate and term. 600-629 D to D+ Damaged credit and would get a high rate and short term. 400-599 F Extremely damaged credit and would receive highest rate, short term and the majority are not approved for a loan at all. There are a number of things that affect your score.

The biggest affect to your score is late payments and other derogatory items. For example, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, There are other things that affect your score as well, high balances on your credit cards and a lot of new accounts or a lot of new activity. Lets finish up with a recap : Order your credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies. Examine you credit report and selec the items you want to dispute. Write letters using the examples above, and send them to the credit reporting agencies. In about 30 days, you will receive an updated file from the credit reporting agencies telling you what has been deleted and what has not.