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Home Construction & Building Guide Read excerpts from my 14 chapter book! - Bill You will learn how to choose the Right builder or remodeler Decide whether you should be your own General Contractor You will learn how to Insure sub-contractors and suppliers are paid! You will learn the value of the three types of INSURANCE that is a must You will learn how not to pay your sub-contractors twice for the same job Find out where to purchase building materials, appliances, hardware, and plumbing You will learn valuable information about BLACK MOLD You will learn how to keep a LIEN from being filed on your project You will learn what to look for in your contract with your builder or remodeler You will learn how to select the Right building site and architect You will learn the RED FLAGS when interviewing builders .

You will learn how to install a PROPER foundation and structural framing system . You will learn why market value is so important when deciding to build or remodel . You will learn how to finance your building project . You will learn what building steps to take if you or your family suffer from ALLERGIES. . You will learn why assumptions are so important Availability: Usually ships the same business day Home Construction & Building Guide PDF Regular price: $34.95 Sale price: Download: Yes! I want this now!